AMANDA PARKER is known for creating ALIEN TECH SCI ART @artistaparker

Amanda Parker

Sum of Amanda's Parts:


20% Engineer
19% Futurologist
17% Philosopher
15% Mineralogist
13% Astronomer
11% Physicist
4% Insomniac
1% Comedian

| 100% ARTIST |

Amanda Parker is known for producing an ever evolving body of abstract work in a variety of mediums. She owns and operates Alien Tech Sci Art which features a variety of artists. To stay motivated she enjoys learning about new technology, science and better ways to communicate. When she's not creating art you will find her practicing improvisational comedy, engaging in philosophical discussion or collecting mineral specimens. She's also a sci-fi fan plucked directly from the future. Contact her with questions, comments or quality humor.

Best of | 2018-2021
Hacks and Hobbies Podcast | 2019
Items on display @ Art A' La Carte Gallery | Occoquan, VA | 2017
Items on display @ Art at the Mill | Clarke County Historical Association | 2016 & 2017
3D Poetic space displayed in Exit Reality @ Web 3D Consortium 2010 & Boston Summit 2011