Amanda Parker is known for creating an ever evolving body of art and teaches other artists how to be successful in their art career. Influenced by sci-fi, video games and life, she lovingly destroys profile pictures for a select audience on Tiktok each week.

RIP to all decimated PFPs.

Full Backstory:

Born in Oregon a while ago.
Started creating art at age 10.

Studied art at a community college, Spring Arbor University, and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

After 25 years of creating, debating and ultimately mastering a unique art style, she began teaching art to students in the DMV area.

Currently resides in Fredericksburg, VA

Offers art lessons and sells her art on this website for reasonable prices. At a young age she dreamed of offering high quality art for low prices and now she does exactly that.

She likes offering humans a chance to think from a new perspective so she creates PFP updates on social media and tells randomly thoughtful stories in her videos.

Amanda Parker