Artist Amanda Parker (@artistaparker) is known for producing an ever evolving body of abstract work called Alien Tech Sci Art. She offers private art lessons in Northern Virginia and online.

Amanda Parker
Amanda Parker


Learn Traditional Drawing Techniques
Traditional Art
Abstract Ink Lessons in Washington DC area
Abstract Ink Lessons
Offering Art and Creativity Lessons in Northern Virginia and Online
Painting Lessons

Traditional Techniques: ink, charcoal, graphite, acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastels, alcohol ink, mixed media

Explore the infinite world of artistic creation at your pace. Learn composition, figure, form, perspective, lighting, color theory, feng shui, principles of design, animation principles, dynamic design, developing your style and more.

Modern Trends: digital design, animation, alcohol ink, hyper-realism, art video production, liquid pouring, original characters

Are you ready to try modern techniques and explore new art mediums? Find out how to make videos about your art, try a new acrylic pour, or develop an original character from your mind. Learn to add detail and structure to your ideas or storyboards through a modern lesson plan.

Advanced Direction:  3D modeling, virtual reality (VR), 3D animation, 

Meet to draw, paint and design characters inside VR! We use modeling programs to create characters and worlds, then we light and animate them. Learn about character and prop modeling (assets), animations, storyboarding and movie creation.

Ok, so you made it to the bottom of the page and you know I'm into art. Humans hire me for general lessons, art motivation, finalizing products, galleries, photography, adobe creative cloud, websites, art philosophy, art history, art therapy, realism, abstract, portraiture, landscapes, anatomy, shading, highlighting, color theory, weight, balance, books to read, form, line, composition, positive & negative space, creating drama, dynamic poses, realizing concepts, gaining inspiration, overcoming blocks, slumber with the key analysis and it's vital impact on art as we know it.

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