Copyright Owner

Copyrights on this website (including artwork, graphical elements, text, images, downloadable items, video and sounds) are owned by Artist Amanda Parker.

Copyright license

Artist Amanda Parker allows you a royalty-free license only for the following (terminated upon abuse or misuse, including accidental redistribution):

  1. view website material through a mobile device or computer screen via any web browser.

  2. use a computer or mobile device to download and retain information in cached files for faster web browsing.

  3. print pages of this website for personal use or non-commercial use.

Artist Amanda Parker does not allow any other rights related to this website or its material. All rights reserved. Including:

  1. any other download of any items on this website that are not linked to a designated download file.

  2. copying artwork from this website to use for personal or commercial advantages.

  3. generating derivates of artworks displayed. If you wish to copy my style for commercial or personal gain, please contact me for licensing information.

  4. exploitation of intellectual property rights including concepts, compositions and all other aspects of the artwork displayed here. This statement is governed by international intellectual property laws.

To prevent legal action do not attempt to alter, copy, edit, transform, republish, publish, redistribute, distribute, display in public (including online), author a book, use, share or show any material on this website (in any form or media) without Artist Amanda Parker’s prior written permission. If you have a request, please contact Artist Amanda Parker.

Data Mining and SEO

Automated and/or methodical collection of data from this website is strictly prohibited. Exceptions include only search engine optimization (SEO) websites.

Request Permission

To request permission to use any materials on this website contact Artist Amanda Parker.

Enforcement of Copyright

If Artist Amanda Parker discovers any use of copyright materials infringing on the license above Artist Amanda Parker will bring legal action against you, seeking monetary damages and halt the use of these materials. You may be required to pay legal costs.

If you recognize Artist Amanda Parker’s copyright materials or infringement on the license above, please report this by email to Artist Amanda Parker.

Artist Amanda Parker inspires other artworks; however, it is a violation of copyright laws to increase financial gain from any derivative of this art. Only derivatives with permission from the artist are legal. Any Infringements on the intellectual property (IP) rights of Artist Amanda Parker will be pursued in a court of law. Please help Amanda notice copyright infringement by emailing Artist Amanda Parker.

Artwork Data Tag Notice

These rights apply to artwork regardless of containing any data tag notice of copyright. If Artist Amanda Parker’s IP has been discovered outside this website without permission, yet it contains the data tag, then the rights of the artist have been violated.

Data tags link to this page and provide a copyright notice and infringement details. Any artwork without the data tag due to unauthorized removal violates these rights.

If you suspect infringement please report all occurrences via email to Artist Amanda Parker.