Past Works

Her style eminates from what she feels. There are no rules, no guidelines, and no plans that go into these works. She creates as the Universe wishes from moment to moment with change being the only constant. Carried by a machines from the future, this broom will clean your house and make you popcorn. A…

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Black Light Pens

Gelly Roll Pens in 3D printed pen holders that allow you to see many colors at once.

Gelly Roll Pens in 3D Printed Pen Holders Make Lit Art With Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens Sarkura gelly roll pens reliably glide like jelly and glow like jelly fish under UV light.¬†Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens glow every color of the rainbow, but did you know they also have gray and a second set of 10…

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