Black Light Pens

Gelly Roll Pens in 3D Printed Pen Holders

Sarkura gelly roll pens reliably glide like jelly and glow like jelly fish under UV light. Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens glow every color of the rainbow, but did you know they also have gray and a second set of 10 colors you can try?

Mix any other gelly rolls with this UV reflective "moonlight" line to create art secrets only revealed by a UV light. Moonlight colors are beautiful on any color paper, but the contrast against black paper makes them glow brightly.

UV Lit Denym

UV Lit Denym

Daylight Denym

Daylight Denym


Sarkura offers four shades of gray that shine purple-blue under black light too. These are perfect for any dark or gothic art.. mix with that deep red from the moonlight set for some amazing effects. Try them for Halloween or to make a metal texture.

Gray Gelly Roll Pens Under UV Light

UV Lit Gray Pens

Grey Pens in Daylight

Grey Pens in Daylight

The brightly reflective rainbow colors in the regular moonlight set are hands down some of the most fun pens ever, and they made a sequel to the moonlight set which I can only find in the smaller, size 6 version.

Note: Once I accidentally bought 10 size 06 pens and haven't used them much because I don't do very tiny detail work. Be certain you are buying the size 10 bold set if you prefer the thick linework shown in these images.


    • Perfect for calligraphy, fine art and as a final step for painting.
    • Moonlight means it glows under UV light, but some gelly rolls do not indicate this and do not reflect black light.
    • Usually takes 1-2 coats for thick, beautiful linework. Additional layers may smudge.
    • Wait for each layer to dry completely before adding the next layer.
    • No smudge archival quality after drying 2 minutes.
    • Comes in different sizes for thick or thin linework - 6, 8, and 10 (I recommend trying size 10 for bold lines).


Dylusions creative journal has the best black paper I have ever found. The surface has a smooth texture that holds the ink well and it's strong enough for 2-3 layers of ink.

Oher black paper curls within 1-2 layers of ink and reflects a lot of light on camera.

It's almost like the dylusions creative journal company has dyed the tiniest fibers on each page, creating a less reflective black. This makes it perfect for video and scanning.

Over time my gelly roll drawings were smudging against the backs of pages when I closed it before the paper was dry, so I tear them out.

The paper has a nice weight and I cut it down to create bookmark-sized name art. I've mailed it across the world and it survived without wear.

If using white paper try Bristol for a finished look. In addition to the gelly roll line it can be used for my favorite copic markers, rOtring pens, and prismacolors.


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